20 Things Every Climber Can Be Thankful For

In this hectic time to be a human, it’s important to remember the little things that make life a little more fun and a lot more interesting. Here’s a throwback to Thanksgiving when my friend Sarah over at Girl on Rock reminded us of some wonderful things climbers can be thankful for.

Girl on Rock

Thankfulness is always a good strategy; especially when your hobby is dependent on technology that decades of trial and error has gone into. I try not to take the dedication of generations of climbers for granted ever, but at this time of year in particular. Of course, gear isn’t the only thing worth being thankful for and since Thanksgiving is tomorrow it seemed appropriate to write a post about that! I sent a message around to some of my friends asking what they appreciate the most when they climb. Then, I compiled this list of winners from their responses. Hope you enjoy!


20. Finding an overhung spot to wait out the rain.

19. That extra bit of friction when the rock is super cold. So solid.

18. When somebody below reminds you to breathe. Because from time to time we all need help with it.


17. Making friends with a snail or critter mid-route. 

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