Inspired by “The Golden Ticket”

Recently, professional climber Michaela Kiersch made the first female ascent of The Golden Ticket in Red River Gorge, a 5.14c. Below is the full edit of the short film, “The Golden Ticket.” Michaela is inspirational. She’s a full-time undergraduate student at DePaul University in Chicago, manages to squeeze in a few training sessions a week between classes, and then makes the seven hour drive down to the RRG nearly every weekend.

So much for my lame excuses to not hit the gym anymore when I LITERALLY have nothing else to do besides catch up on Netflix……

From the film: “That whole stigma that girls won’t do this route because the moves work a certain way, I just don’t think that it’s true anymore. We have so many strong female climbers out there, I think anything is possible. I don’t think there are really any barriers stopping anyone from doing something that they set their mind to, especially in climbing.”

Hell yeah. Anything is possible.

Michaela Kiersch and The Golden Ticket from Andy Wickstrom & Just Go Climb on Vimeo.

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