To the Badass Babes

Everyday I am inspired by the accounts I scroll through on Instagram. I’m impressed by the women overcoming their fears by heading into the mountains, or onto the rock, or into a yoga pose they’ve never tried before. I see women of all ages sending 5.13s in iconic places like the Red River Gorge and Yosemite. I see women breaking their PR’s in the Ironman, or 50 milers, or ultramarathons. I see women training in rain, and snow, and the humid heat.

I see progress pictures capturing how far so many have come, and I am blown away by the determination and dog-heartedness of all these women overcoming challenges that so many of us have faced, are facing, will continue to face.

We’re in this together.

I know what it’s like to be unhappy with my body and then see minor changes as my muscles begin to show themselves. I know what it’s like to be terrified in the wildnerness, by myself, wondering if I’m capable of taking another step into the unknowable forest. I know how it feels to stand at the top of a run in the backcountry, anxious about avalanches, pumped for the thigh-deep powder.

This is why whenever I see other women overcoming challenges and walking alongside their fears I want to cheer them on in their victories. I am so dang excited that I’m not alone in my trials, that we woman are a tribe. A strong mother-effin’ tribe.

So here’s to you, badass babes. Whatever stage of your adventurous journey you’re on, know that you’re not alone, that you have so many adventurous, wild women who have come before you, who will come after you, and who will come alongside you. There are women all over the world who have faced your trials—in fact, there is probably at least one other woman somewhere in this world right now, at the same point in her journey as you are. What a wonderful thought to rest in.

Wherever you are today, and whatever it is you’re working through—whatever trial you’ve faced, whatever victory you’ve won—whatever process you’re journeying through right now, know that you’re not alone, and that I’m cheering you on, you strong, inspiring woman.




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