Confessions of a Part-Time Vegan

My name’s Megan, and I’m a part-time Vegan.

Wait. What?

You heard me. I consider myself a part-time Vegan because I’ve been convinced that a label is necessary, however, unfortunately, I fit no label currently offered.

Because when I go grocery shopping, I fill my cart with Vegan food. With spinach, and bell peppers, and fixing’s for black bean tacos. I choose to not buy food made from animals (with the rare exception of honey.)

But then when I’m at work (where I’m gone for days at a time) and I go out to eat with my coworkers, and there’s this incredible sushi restaurant a block from the hotel, I eat sushi. With cream cheese in the middle.

What’s even more, when I’m traveling abroad and stumble upon a restaurant that offers a local delicacy that involves meat from the cows that have roamed the fields around the establishment for the years of their lives, I indulge.

Am I making you uncomfortable yet?

Unfortunately, my friends, we live in a cookie-cutter world that is desperate to fill molds and find labels for everything. Feminist, Marxist, Democrat, Republican, Conservative, Liberal, Vegetarian, Christian, Crossfitter, Book-lover, Dancer, Actor, Writer, the list goes on and on.

And so we buy in. We fill out our “About Me” sections in listicles, naming off all the things we identify as. We check off all our qualifiers hoping that we can connect with someone else, somewhere else, who identifies with these things too.

The problem is, we are no one thing. And we aren’t even a conglomerate of all the things we have defined ourselves as.

My version of being a “writer” is much different than Stephen King’s version of being a writer. I write flippantly. Every other week, sometimes every other day. I can go months without writing, and then not be able to go days without it.

You guys. I have no standards!

Truth is, I’m tired. I’m tired of trying to be all of one thing when I’m a beautiful mosaic, cultivated from this confusing and brilliant world.

And maybe I’m crazy, but I think that’s OK. I think it’s okay to call yourself a writer even though someone has told you that in order to be a writer you have to write everyday for thirty minutes a day. It’s okay to call yourself a climber even if you climb once a week because that’s all the time you have in your crazy busy life. It’s okay to call yourself a feminist even if you shave your legs and take your husband’s last name.

And it’s okay to be Vegan one day and Vegetarian the next and eat meat the day after that. That’s the power of the present moment and the beauty of being human. We are whatever we are for today.

Cheers to that.



2 thoughts on “Confessions of a Part-Time Vegan”

  1. You are a beautiful mosaic! We all are! And wouldn’t the world be a much better place if we could really appreciate the intricacies and beauty of each person’s mosaic-ness??


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