It’s About Damn Time

I’ve talked about starting this blog for months now. I daydreamed about it. I thought about all the awesome articles I would write that would inspire people to get outside and do scary things. I did a massive amount of thinking. I even wrote 10 posts. And then I started thinking about the time commitment and the fact that it could all be for nothing. That nobody would want to read it. That nobody would be inspired by it. That I was a hypocrite because when I’m not climbing or doing some other outdoorsy adventure I’m re-watching the 10 seasons of Friends.

I told a good friend this fear the other day and she gave me a swift kick in the pants to get moving. To start writing because she wanted to read it. And it’s not the first time someone’s said this to me. So dammit! I will write even if it’s only for myself and a small handful of my friends. Because life is short and my dreams are big and I can’t spend another day waiting for more knowledge about blogs or bigger and better adventures. Life will continue to pass, and I get the sincere pleasure of documenting it in a (hopefully) inspiring way.

So here’s to beginnings. To standing firm in the face of fear and failure. To testing limits. To sitting in front of the computer writing instead of watching mindless TV shows. To pushing myself, and hopefully pushing others. To believing, and dreaming, and hoping, and doing.


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